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Do You Want To Increase Your Clubhead Speed and Play More Consistent?
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Many of the top touring professionals know that winning on the tour today takes much more than a great game of golf. It means understanding every aspect of their physical and mental being and what factors influence their performance. Gain a competitive edge in your next round by integrating these three key elements into your current fitness program.

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Golf Fitness

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You can now have your own personal golf specific training plan right in the palm of your hands. Kinexit Fitness brings fitness training to a new level. Start training outside the golf course with exercises targeting your needs helping you grow your golf game.

Kinexit Testing
The testing is made for golfers at all levels. You can customize your training with Kinexit’s self-testing designed to find and remove your body's restraints. Your tests consist of a combination of flexibility, strength, speed and endurance. You don’t need to complete all the testing, but a minimum requirement is flexibility. All you need is a wall, a measuring tape and 15-minutes.

Measurable Results
When your testing is complete Kinexit will give you immediate feedback on the areas in which you can improve.

Personal Exercises
We offer a safe and fun way to train, either at the gym, at home or on the course. Kinexit covers all the areas that you need – from specific pre-round warm up routines to full-body workouts.

Trusted By Golfers
Kinexit has helped thousands of golfers grow their game. Become a member and unlock your full potential!

I will personally walk you through the testing process and conduct the fitness evaluation with you for no additional charge! This is an $150 value!
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I will also include my 7 week eCourse!
In this eCourse you will learn:
The Mental Game of Golf
Driving The Ball
Fairway Shots
Common Problems With A Swing

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